About Studio Kportrait

Seventeen years ago Studio K floor mats was created from what once was a hobby of making decorative floor mats for friends and family into a successful commercial business. One of the only businesses of its kind in the state, Studio K specializes in large scale custom hand painted floor mats where there are no size/shape/design constraints. In recent years, after research and testing, Studio K has developed digitally printed floor mats offering a collection of stock designs at standard sizes, priced economically.

Artist Statement

"Floor mats are functional art. I love the idea of color from the floor-up, working within the boundaries of a space, pulling the decor into the floor. Imagine picking up tile accents or fabric elements in the room and incorporating them into the floor? Instead of trying to make a rug work in your room, have your room work in your mat and function better too. Mats are an easy was to transform a room from the floor up. The idea that anything is possible, is very liberating."

~ Kathleen Nelson, owner/designer