Custom Hand Painted Floor Matsfarm mat

Custom hand painted floor mats are generally large in size and have a unique shape that either follows a countertop, turns a corner in a hallway or mirrors the shape of furniture like an oval table. Each mat is exclusively designed for each customer, showcasing the individual style and character of their home by echoing elements of the decor such as tile, fabric, wall colors or artwork. This attention to detail along with the uniqueness of "anything goes" make each floor mat one-of-a-kind. The beauty, diversity and durability of a hand painted floor mat is truly unparalleled.
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Free Estimates

Custom mats are individually quoted relative to each specific home and are priced by the square foot based on design, size and shape. Free consultations and estimates are generally given on location or via email descriptions with dimensions and interior photographs. Email Studio K for your free consultation and estimate.