Digitally Printed Collection of Designs: (click on links below)


Digitally Printed Floor Matsdigitally printed floor mats of all kinds

Beautifully detailed, colorful designs are digitally printed onto the same durable vinyl flooring material used for the custom hand painted floor mats. A collection of digitally printed designs are available in different sizes which may be purchased through this website. In the collection you will find everything from small under-the-sink style mats to hallway runners. Colors on most designs can be changed to match individual interiors.

Custom Digital

Digitally printed floor mats can be custom designed. Custom digital floor mats are cheaper than custom hand painted mats, but just as unique. A custom digital mat could incorporate the decor of any room, a child's name or personal artwork, family photo or even company logo. Anything goes as long as the final mat fits within a 4' x 8' size perimeter.

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All floor mats are created on recycled vinyl remnants or seconds - vinyl that would otherwise be thrown in our landsfills.