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The Perfect Size for Any Location

Designed to fit general areas like entry ways, laundry rooms or even bathrooms, these mats are sure to jazz-up any location. Need a larger under the sink mat, here's the solution. Where ever the placement, these mats will be mesmerizing.

Each mat costs $225 (+ tax, shipping and handling) including non-slip under mat.
Note: All sales are final.
For indoor use only.
Allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.
All sizes are approximate and may vary by 1/8" all sides.
Offering ground shipping only.
If shipping out of the United States or to Hawaii or Alaska, order by email.
If you would like to make a color or size change, please email to order.

spanish tile medium mat Spanish Tile
58" x 38"
This mat resembles beautiful Spanish tile, and would look amazing on hardword or tile flooring.

elegant medium mat Elegance
60" x 38"
A little elegance underfoot - try this mate in any color combination to match your interior.

rose medium mat Roses
60 " x 38"
These roses appear weathered under old crackled varnish creating a beautiful visual effect on the floor.

tuscan medium mat Tuscan
60" x 38"
This popular design displays a fresco faux background which compliments the Italian pottery style details.

floral medium mat Floral
60" x 38"
This contemporary mat could add something speical to a kitchen or laundry room.

kids medium mat Kids
58 " x 38"
This durable, wipeable mat is a perfect, fun play surface for kids.

All floor mats are created on recycled vinyl remnants or seconds - vinyl that would otherwise be thrown in our landsfills.