Digitally Printed Collection of Designs: (click on links below)


Small “under-the-kitchen-sink” Mats

This collection was developed with the kitchen sink in mind. One of the most popular sizes because it fits perfectly below the kitchen sink where it is direly needed. These floor mats are approximately 2 feet by 3 feet, some a bit larger, but all display a design for just about everyone. Enjoy the easy cleaning and durability of this little mat.

Each mat costs $105 (+ tax, shipping and handling) including non-slip under mat.
Note: All sales are final.
For indoor use only.
Allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.
All sizes are approximate and may vary by 1/8" all sides.
Offering ground shipping only.
If shipping out of the United States or to Hawaii or Alaska, order by email.
If you would like to make a color or size change, please email to order.

spanish tile Spanish Tile
38" x 24"
This mat resembles beautiful Spanish tile, and would look amazing on hardword or tile flooring.

tulips mat Tulips
36" x 24"
Tip-toe on the tulips with this playful mat.

poultry mat Poultry
36" x 24"
These poultry parents would proudly display their chicks on any country kitchen floor.

tuscan mat Tuscan
36 " x 24"
This popular design displays a fresco faux background which compliments the Italian pottery style details.

roses mat Roses
36 " x 24"
These roses appear weathered under old crackled varnish creating a beautiful visual effect on the floor.

studio k mat studio K
36 " x 24"
A studio K favorite... imagine this mat in any color combination you like.

floral mat Floral
36 " x 24"
A modern design for a contempoary kitchen.

lemons mat Lemons
36 " x 24"
This mat looks great in a clean white kitchen or if you love lemons!

kids mat Kids
36 " x 24"
This would be a great under-the-bathroom-sink mat for a kid’s bathroom or as a small play mat in a play room.

All floor mats are created on recycled vinyl remnants or seconds - vinyl that would otherwise be thrown in our landsfills.